Why Winter is a Great Time to Buy a Vehicle

After all the holidays are done, everyone begins eyeing up Spring. They bundle up in the house or take a trip to somewhere hot. No one thinks about buying a vehicle in the dead of winter. But you’re smarter than that. You think of that. And because you’re on the ball and are a deal hunter extraordinaire we’re going to reward you on how to find the best vehicle and the reasons why you should buy a vehicle over winter.

Dealers Want to Move Inventory

This is the number one reason you should be looking to buy a vehicle in winter. You will get the best deals of the year. And that’s not car speak by any means.  Spring and Summer are by far the busy times of the year for buying a vehicle, but car dealerships have monthly quotas that they want to make. Inventory sits on the lots a lot longer in winter and that inventory costs the dealer more by the day. If you come in and make an offer, you generally won’t be greeted with the vehicle being in such high demand it will be gone by tomorrow. Well you might hear that, but the cold weather will relieve many of these type of pressure tactics and put you in control. More inventory to choose from and doing so at your own pace. Sounds like a pretty good time to buy.

Older Models on Sales

Not only is there generally more stock to pick from as the calendar flips over to a new year, but new model year vehicles also begin hitting the lots. You’ve all heard the model year clear-out ads on the radio or in the paper, it’s a bit of a marketing gimmick but there is truth to it. If you’re looking for a virtually new vehicle, you can get a great deal on a 2018 once the 2019s come on the lots. Sure you’ll miss out on those one or two brand new features, but in terms of bang for your buck you’re getting huge value. There’s also only a finite number of last year’s models. Once they’re gone, those deals attached to them are as well. So winter is your time to pounce.

Dealerships are Quieter

On average people only visit 1-2 dealerships in person. So generally speaking the in-person car dealership visits are fewer and further between. The cold weather adds even more to that. To be clear, the majority of car shopping is now done online, in the safety and comfort of your couch or bed. So at all times online there’s no line-ups to wait for. But once you do pick your car, unless you’re paying cash, you still have to get approved for financing. Confirm warranty upgrades. Then get insurance. And eventually sign all of the papers. Across the desk from a salesman. Most dealerships nowadays make this process pretty streamlined. However, coming into a dealership on a busy Saturday in the middle of summer you might get caught in a line-up waiting for the next salesman to come back from his test drive or finish her appointment. Not only is visiting in winter a timesaver for you, but if there’s no line-up behind you trudging through the snow to buy that same vehicle, your chances at paying less for it just got a whole lot better.

Better Accessorized Vehicles

Ever heard of buying a car on a beautiful, sunny day and they tell you they’ll throw in a free set of summer tires? Me neither. That’s because winter in Canada is accessory season. Once the snow hits we all know how different driving becomes. Often because that guy in front of you forgot how push his pedals. Mostly because it is a whole new ballgame from starting your car to getting it to stop. Luckily, when you purchase in winter, the accessory incentives for most dealerships are plentiful. Tired of running out to start that frozen car? Ask them to throw in a remote starter. Getting stuck in the tiniest of snowdrifts? You have to get a set of winter tires. Many dealerships, even if they aren’t advertising a promotion of these types of accessories, will willingly pair them with your purchase. Either as an incentive to push you to purchase or many times they can be financed right into your deal. That way you’ll get the upgrade with such a minimal payment increase that they’re virtually free anyway.

Gauge How a Car Drives in the Worst Conditions

Speaking of accessories, the best way to gauge how a car will actually perform or better yet, improve performance on those snowy icy streets is to drive it on those exact streets. If you’ve ever taken a rear-wheel drive sports car out for a spin in summer, it can be exhilarating. But take it out on a winter day and you might just be spinning your wheels, literally. Now obviously you don’t want to wait for the worst snowstorm of the year to hit so you see how well a car can plow through those ruts or how warm the heated seats can really get, but test driving in less than ideal weather will show you how great it can handle or compare to your existing vehicle and prove to you it’s time to upgrade.

Allows You to Budget

When the Holiday Season ends, the dog days of winter definitely keep the masses from the car lots. As they’re getting ready to prepare their tax returns and deciding on their summer vacation, they’ll regret not fitting in that car payment when their car doesn’t start come May. You however have a leg up, because buying a vehicle in winter allows you to budget the rest of your year. You know the payments you have to make and the available funds that you’ll have left over for all that other summer fun.

No one thinks about it, but there’s a lot to buying a vehicle in winter, including a whole lot of positives. Don’t be scared away by the cold. Come visit the FFUN Motor Group today for a for a nice warm cup of coffee instead and your best deal of the season.