Mark Loeppky

One of the greatest educational experiences Mark Loeppky had was growing up working at his family’s used car lot, it was the ultimate auto dealer making environment. Seeing all the moving parts of the business and selling his first car as a teenager was an experience that helped steer Mark’s proverbial wheels towards a ‘funner’ future.

Returning from College he saw his first business opportunity to buy an up and coming new car dealership, Saskatoon Hyundai. With his parents’ help, he quickly grew this into a top producing dealership. This success led into a path of hyper-growth, which led into operations into multiple provinces.

With a solid platform under him, it was time to start building his vision for the future of the business. Mark’s vision was to give the auto business an injection of something new, something different and to add an extra F into fun. In 2003 Mark began the FFUN Group.

As per his original vision of FFUN from back in his university days, Mark wanted to sell the coolest products on earth by the coolest people. To do this Mark was going to have to create the plan for the business inside and out. Creating the core values of the company was vital to ensure employees wouldn’t just navigate through the company but to burn rubber while doing it. When Mark sees a team member begin to excel and realize their career dreams, that’s the best part of FFUN.

Within a short time frame, the FFUN Group now operates 5 separate divisions representing 24 businesses and counting. The FFUN Group is committed to bringing fun to life for employees and customers alike delivering the best in employee and customer experience possible.

FFUN Group creates great experiences for employees and customers but also for the communities we live in. The newly created FFUN Spirit was created to be the charitable and philanthropical arm of the FFUN Group.